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                                 Welcome to Solaya’s mystical world of Psychic readings.  

Tarot Cards, Channeling, Spirit Guides, Soul expansion, consciousness are all inspiring topics .


Welcome to Solaya’s mystical world of Psychic readings, Transformational Coaching & Yoga practice to eliminate stress and anxiety caused by uncertainty.   For 45+ years, Solaya has been offering Psychic readings to empower her clients with clarity and connection to their Soul and Spirit Guides . Solaya also teaches yoga to align intentions with emotions to take positive actions. Experience a psychic reading or a yoga class with Solaya and renew your connection to your Highest Purpose.

Solaya’s mission statement:
To promote  peace, inspiration and empowerment in your life so that you can live fully embracing each moment as an opportunity to grow. As Tony Robbins quote: ” Life is not happening to you…it is happening for you.”

Psychic readings are conducted with the intention to contribute to your well being by illuminating your life’s path with inspiration, clarity and empowerment.
You can experience your reading in person, by phone, Messenger, Zoom, FaceTime, What’sApp and e-mail.

Readings and classes are conducted in English and French.

Call or e-mail today to schedule your reading.

Solaya will help see you through life’s roller coaster by guiding you in navigating your life’s journey.

Telephone: 305.395.8538                             E-mail: psychicsolaya@gmail.com

www.facebook.com/psychicsolaya                  Solaya Psychic and Spiritual Guidance

Solaya is an Intuitive Visionary, Psychic, and Tarot card reader, Life Coach and Yoga Teacher.

Solaya is an Intuitive Visionary. She started to conduct readings in the 1970’s . She has given thousands of psychic readings in Key West, in the Laurentian of Montreal and globally by phone, FaceTime, What’sApp  & Zoom.

Solaya offers readings in French, English & Spanish. Her native language is French. She was born in Montreal, traveled the world to explore new cultures. She lived in South America Brasil, Central America and United States.

Solaya sees the world with the eyes of her heart. Nature’s beauty has taught her  great respect for all sentient beings.She sees and experience the world as One.

Purity of Intention

Travel and Education:

Solaya traveled through 23 different countries enchanted by people, culture, geography, architecture, aromas and colors she experienced.  She credits her intuitive & personal development to the time abroad. She was greatly  inspired by the philosophy and timeless wisdom of the Tarot and started reading the Tarot professionally in 1975.  At the present moment she is in the mountains of Quebec.

Solaya has a passion for learning. Personal development,  spirituality, meditation, Yoga, consciousness and mindfulness are her favorite topics. In the 80’s, she trained to Channel messages from Spirit Guides and Soul. She has since cultivated a pure, simple and powerful connection to the higher realm  allowing a flow of unconditional love to come forth empowering her clients in dissolving  blocks and burdens to cultivate peace.

She conducts readings all around the world by phone, FaceTime, Messenger, What’sApp or Zoom  She offers readings individually and group. She teaches yoga daily to promote peace and create expansion in your vision.  She also teaches how to read the Tarot Cards to benefit your life with consciousness. She facilitates training of Channeling to help you connect with your Higher Self. 

In the 80’s Solaya was ordained a minister with the Alliance of Divine Love. She received certification from the American Association of Professional Psychics. She is a Certified Life Coach and Reiki 1 practitioner.  Solaya studied Palmistry to decipher hands prints, lines, textures and shapes.

Solaya continues her education in all metaphysical fields as a life journey.  She is a passionate Yoga teacher incorporating the sacred union of body, mind and Spirit.

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