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Practicing Yoga leads you to experience more of your full potential and accesses a feeling of  contentment from within.  Yoga is much more than the physical practice as it is popularly known. Yoga as described in Patanjali’s sutra is composed of eight limbs. One of those limbs being the practice of  physical movement called asana most known in the western world. The practice of asana is ultimately to prepare us for the other branches: meditation, breath awareness, Self inquiry, Yamas and Niyamas, withdrawing from the senses all of those practice to guide us towards Samadhi, enlightenment.  As we focusing on the breath, we becomes aware of  the chattering thoughts.  It is  quiet a endeavor to quiet the mind. Yoga gives us the  ability to quiet the mind and clear the incessant chatter of the mind.  This is where the journey of self inquiry begins reaching within, observing thoughts, feelings, emotions.

Practicing yoga postures called asanas aligns the body and mind to the Higher Self.   It assists in diving deeply into the Higher Self to recognize our divine nature.

Yoga quotes:

“Which is impossible becomes possible, the unattainable becomes attainable.”

“Yoga requires no prerequisites that must be fulfilled before we set out on this path.”  Start where you are, your action equal faith.

Living in Love instead of fear.

Negative thoughts adds resentment to situations. Notice how you feel when you entertain negative thoughts for they are fear based. Choose to develop a way of being centered in love, protected from negativity by transforming energy positively through compassion. The presence of Oneness is experienced through the evolution of consciousness.

Discernment  can be very beneficial while criticizing closes the doors of  possibilities.  Sometimes  judgment can arise from pain coming from the past.

Kriya Yoga brings the connection to that which is complete and divine within. Being content, in the moment.




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