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Psychic readings

PSYCHIC Readings are a connection to your Higher Self.

I am very fortunate to be a psychic. I use to think that everyone could see clearly the answers and directions of their life path. I have now understood that this is an unique ability  in my life. By offering psychic readings, I  put this service to contribute to others in their life to assists them to shine their light so brightly that all shadow is removed and that they can see clearly their directions. As the results of their psychic reading, my clients feel empower ; and that give them courage to pursuit their dreams. By putting aside the “ego” I allow the flow of pure unconditional love to move through me. I conduct readings with the goal to nourish peace within you and discovering your true nature. The reading empowers you to fulfill your potential by awakening the courage to make the changes you long for.  Connecting to your Higher Self  eliminate your fears and doubts and supports you in creating the future that you want to peacefully and powerfully manifest. I have also included in my practice psychic coaching to assist you in transforming your life by championing your personal, professional and spiritual challenges.

Modalities to be experienced during a psychic reading:

Tarot card reading  expands your mind to access a new awareness towards the field of infinite possibilities. Filled with timeless wisdom, the Tarot nourishes your Soul by bringing clarity from new insights and new perspectives.  Fully invested in the present moment, you glimpse towards the future that you intent to manifest.

Channeling connects with your Soul to bring clarity to the guidance that you are looking to receive.  Channeling brings light in your life through the connection to your Soul.


Palm readingPalm reading assists you in discovering who you are, what is your life purpose and your life lessons.  It reconfirms your inner knowing about yourself, your qualities and character and creates a map of self discovery. You can experience a palm reading in person or by sending me the print of your hands.

YOGA is a spiritual modality that empowers you to focus and concentrate. By practicing yoga  you focus on the changes you want to experience in your life. Yoga assists you in letting go of the old programming so that you are open to embrace the present moment. Yoga is a platform that activates your light to shine at its brightest.

I am available for individual readings and  groups channeling. I offer classes of tarot and yoga and training for channeling.

Call or e-mail me today to schedule a session. I will help you see through life’s roller coaster by holding the Light to assist you in  navigating your life’s  journey.


Telephone: 305.515.0018                               E-mail: solaya@solaya.net                                                                             www.facebook.com/psychicsolaya


Even thou psychic readings can enhance your life greatly; they are not a replacement for your professional psychological, financial, legal or medical consultants.


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