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Solaya: Psychic, Transformational Coach, Yoga Teacher

Ready for clarity?

                                                                GET A READING!

A psychic reading supports you by delivering clarity to inspire and empower you on your life journey. During your reading you will receive insights to assist you in shifting perceptions thus opening to new possibilities.

Solaya hand painted tarot cards

Do you need to make decisions that take courage?

 Are you struggling through challenges & could use some  peace?

Are you ready to get inspired with clarity?

 Are you facing changes and feel scared or confused?

 Are you looking for a new job or contemplating starting a business?

 Are you curious about relationships?

Are you looking for direction and reconfirmation?

Your reading will empower you to embrace the moment and to be true to yourself.  You will feel refreshed, peaceful and better equipped to live your life harmoniously. You will tap into your inner certainty to move forward without second guessing yourself.  No matter what your challenges are, you will be able to move past them. The heart has its own way of discerning situations and experiences and your reading will facilitate you trusting your heart!

Tarot Cards display
Tarot Card reading

Psychic reading with Solaya:

Experience your reading by Phone, FaceTime, What’sApp, Zoom, Messenger & in person

Your reading consists of timeless wisdom of the Tarot Cards and Channeling Spiritual Guidance leading to transformation.  

Being an Intuitive Coach, I will assist you in reaching your objectives to bring you closer to the life that you dream of.

30 minutes:  $85.00
45 minutes:  $125.00
1 hour:           $150.00

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CALL OR E-MAIL ME NOW: 305-395-8538 US 438-338-1200 CAN.   SOLAYA@SOLAYA.NET


I am also available to provide multiple readings during parties or other group events.  Readings for your guests are sure to make your event memorable. People will be talking about your event long after. Also available are group channeling where people gather together to receive answer not only to their questions but also answers from the other participants. Group Channeling are quite magical as they uplift the vibrations of everyone present. 

Testimonial: “From the moment I met Solaya, I felt her genuine Spirit. Her readings are always on target and she has helped me greatly through the years.”  Marilyn Constanza

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