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Dearest Solaya,

You have been my spiritual guide and adviser for so many years I cannot even remember when we started. Your wisdom, intuition and clear insights have helped me navigate my life through many rough spots. You have helped me make decisions based on many aspects of our human nature – you have helped me see what my body needs to heal, you have helped my mind trust in spiritual guidance , you have nourished my spirit through your connection to the sacred that guides us all in beauty.

Your intuition is so true and strong and you have that ability to guide and yet leave space for my own development and motions to take place. Onenuff ( I hope the spelling is correct ), your spirit energy guide, has come forward many times and seen in clarity what my muddled human mind could not, has helped my soul be free and move forward on my path of peace and learning on this planet. I can remember many images oneuff saw that helped me, the visual artist, know from my heart where to direct my efforts.

I feel it is such an honor to know you, such a privilege and gift from the spirits that you are in my life.

My soul work has been accelerated much by your work and many burdens in my quite dramatic life have been made easier to carry.

From the bottom of my soul and my heart I thank you for all you have done for me as a person and a soul.Claudia Richards

Blessed and lucky are the ones whose lives you touch.


Claudia Richards

♥          ♥          ♥          ♥          ♥          ♥          ♥          ♥          ♥          ♥          ♥          ♥          ♥          ♥  

“Solaya you are such a gift to this world. The presence and guidance you bring forth in your work is always highly resonant and helpful for myself and all of my students who I bring to you. The sessions I have had with you always help me receive more clarity into my current situation as well as tap into my own inner power to make the needed shift of perception oSofiah Thomr action in my life. I always love to talk to my students and clients after they have had a session with you, there is ALWAYS a big shift of awareness and understanding, it’s wonderful to witness. Thank you for doing what you do and being such a gem.”

Sofiah Thom, a Goddess Coach, Sacred Movement Artist and Founder of The School for Sacred Living Arts, Co-founder of Danyasa Eco-Retreat and Envision Festival in Costa Rica.

♥             ♥             ♥             ♥             ♥             ♥             ♥             ♥             ♥             ♥             ♥              ♥


Thank you so much again for such an amazing experience.

I was really enlightened.    Julianna Hellot


Hi Solaya,
“I’m forever grateful we met back up this month; your words turned out to be as usual, priceless ; and the most appreciated in so many ways ., and I’m not sure I can adequately express the extent in writing this; but our next meeting I can show you how much I grew and the impact it had on my ability to reflect and really for the first time see things from a very different and clear perspective and thus the awareness that resulted in which I really started my journey to love myself and to really appreciate my life and all that it entails; to stop myself from defaulting to old ways if thought and to open mind through a new lens; and to see the fine details in every experience and interpret them in a new light .. Some possibly be inaccurate but none the less I was able to notice the subtle things that I may have over looked before .. 21 days turned into a journey of self awareness and love that has started me down the path I struggled before to begin had such begun.. And the little occasional obstacles are more taken in stride with each passing day.. I am stronger than I’ve ever been and determined to maintain that path to the highest extent in which I can; recognizing the unique things life brings to us at the most unanticipated times, once formerly I may have dismissed now held onto to open the door to whatever possibility or not that may result with a willingness to accept whatever may become .. The self trust to allow myself to take a leap of faith with the knowing I can catch myself if it falls and if I weaken I now can reach out and ask for help without guilt or fear .. And thus the true character of people emerges allowing me to have a clear idea of what toxic things may be dwelling in the distance or hiding and remove myself from them sooner than later.., feeling empowered .. Costa Rica an experience I plan to take with you and all who come along to further take me on my way; thank you with deep gratitude for believing in me and accepting everything I am ..”     Hilary Anne posted on Solaya – Psychic and Spiritual Guidance’s timeline


Hello Solaya,
First of all, I want to tell you how much I enjoyed my reading.  I loved your style and how passionately you delivered the reading.  It was, by far, the best reading I have ever had.  It was the first time I have had a palm reading and that was really interesting as well.  So, thank you for such a wonderful experience.
Aileen Goldsteing

Solaya is a beautiful beacon light of love, wisdom and intuitive guidance. She has guided me in magnificent ways throughout my journey. When you feel her energy, you know you are in touch with Divine guidance. She is AMAZING and someone I truly trust! She’s available through phone calls and skype consultations.

Linda Geer via Solaya – Psychic and Spiritual Guidance


Thank you so much for all you shared yesterday with the three of us. Each
of us is at a crossroads into new avenues of our lives and you gave us
direction and peace. We had a wonderful lunch together sharing our hopes
and dreams coming out of your sessions.

Mary Helen Conroy


Dear Solaya
Thank you so much for my most recent reading with you.  I love how you relax and place me in a calm
state before the reading begins and how immediate you pick up on my
energy.  You are always  accurate and your readings resonate well into the future … all without  asking any questions of who I am or my  birth date as many other so-called psychics do.  I was fortunate enough to listen to a reading
done by you 14 years prior to this one and it still provides insight into my
spirit today.  You saw my intuitive side long before I or anyone else knew of it.  I also love how positive your readings are, even when life gives you twists, turns, and obstacles. You are definitely blessed with the beautiful gifts of
psychic awareness, honesty, a wonderful sense of humor; and a profoundly warm and generous heart.  You truly care aboutthe person you read for and I believe it was no accident that you were placed in my path so long ago.
Thank you again for all your help             John Bazley.


I have seen Solaya for guidance over the past twelve years. She embodies love, light and clairvoyance. Solaya has been a source of clarity for me through articulating and affirming my decisions and life path. She has coached me through difficult transitions and nurtured my deepest truths! I cannot thank her enough for her vision and understanding.  Love,       Titiana Shostak-Kinker


Thank you so much again for such an amazing experience.
I was really enlightened.        Julianna Hellot


Hi Solaya, I had such great insights re-listening to your readings.  You

are truly a beautiful and gifted human Being!! “I have such beautiful readings with Solaya.  I work in the healings arts and Solaya’s gift of vision has helped me move through some sticky spaces. Every time I have a reading, I am opened to new possibilities.  Usually my fear is up and she speaks to me in a way that moves me into clarity.  I can
count on Solaya in 30 minutes to invite me into my heart and choose love. I highly recommend her.  My husband was unsure about having a reading until he listened to mine.  He too found her readings to be of great service!”
Christina Richards
Huntington Beach, CA


I just love you and what you do.  Today was really REALLY great and I know I am moving toward more light again.  I felt so confused and stuck, and you were the catalyst for me taking that very happy action today. YAY!  oxoxx

Thank you again and bless you forever,   Lisa

Thank you, Solaya!!
Your teleclass was amazing and sooo helpful. I am really grateful to  you for that and for all that you do, holding your lovely heart space and spirit for us all. I am so glad you did it and I got so much  inspiration and re connection that I almost feel like it was only for me!   Lisa Atkinson

”  What a wonderful session ! I am tearing up. I am so impressed with what you said to each one of the callers. I learned so much. I can hardly wait to attend another class!” Linda Norris


Thank YOU for your beautiful presence and sharing your amazing gift. I am now confidently moving forward with what I know to be my life’s true mission.   I know from the depth of my soul that I’ve always wanted to work with animals.  So my time has come!  I am so grateful for my confirmation from the wisdom of your guides.   It came exactly when I needed to hear it!   Much love and many blessings to you ,
Karen Thomas

Thank you Solaya, your reading was beautiful. Thank you so much, it made me feel very good about where I am headed, and reinforced my beliefs in myself.  Sincerely,  Aaron
Dear Solaya
Words can’t describe the incredible feeling of joy I had during your reading for me on Aug. 24th.
i am truly amazed and thankful!! You cleared up a lot of my questions regarding my own spiritual path and you did so with such positivity and love and accuracy! You are truly a gift from God!! I am still thinking about all that you spoke of during our reading, and I’m sure i will continue to learn from it!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
Sincerely,   Sue Schulzev


I have traveled around the world and have had many wonderful experiences with a wide variety of people I’ve met in my travels. My older sister and I are very close and have traveled a lot together. She has tried
for years to get me to do a psychic reading in various places. I am admittedly a skeptic and never wanted to spend the money on it. We were recently in Key West, and as we passed Solaya’s table in Mallory Square, my sister started again asking me to do a reading with her. I reluctantly agreed, but only because we were there to celebrate her 51st birthday and my 50th birthday. I was taken immediately by Solaya’s warm smile and calming presence. She simply exudes beauty from the inside. She did my reading first, and I was shocked at her deep level of intuitiveness. She pegged my personality immediately and the things she touched upon during the reading were directly relevant to things going on in my life at this time. She then did my sister’s reading. I had reserved some skepticism, expecting my sister’s to be similar to mine. They were completely different — just as my sister and I are polar opposites in our lives. It was a moving experience for both of us. I will always treasure having had the experience with Solaya, and hope to remain in contact with her as she is the type of person who can only enhance your life by knowing her.
Thank you again, Solaya! 🙂     Deanna



Solaya’s sessions have been a tremendous help to me during a difficult transition time in my life. She is extremely compassionate and knowledgable about helping people through their spiritual journeys and living a truthful and authentic life. She is poetic with her words and transmits the most beautiful visual interpretations of the energy she is picking up on. Solaya has been a powerful source of strength and inspiration in my life. Her sessions have been a great blessing and I am extremely grateful for her gifts and her presence. I highly recommend Solaya’s services to anyone who needs some clarity in their life, some courage to keep them going and some strength to believe in the powerful spiritual connection we share.        Isabel


Solaya is truly AMAZING!!!!! Her intuitive words of wisdom and guidance has helped me tremendously! As a result of her being in my life, my spirit, mind and soul has soared to a higher level and I am humbled with infinite gratitude!!!

Raya Sunshine

Solaya is the BEST and I am so filled with gratitude for her being in my life providing me with her wisdom and knowledge! She has helped me in so many ways regarding my personal life, business and spiritual growth. Prior to meeting with Solaya I viewed life through one perspective, which was very narrow and limited. Solaya asked me to create my own mantra…something that I would say on a daily bases. As I incorporated this daily mantra and time went by, I noticed that things started to change within my views and perspective regarding life in such beautiful Raya Sunshineways. I found my divine purpose…my true passion in life. I learned how to listen to my inner spirit and honor it as my guide. I am just the vessel where I have let go and allowed the divine spirit within to take over. I feel very privileged to be on my path of enlightenment and I am so grateful I can turn to Solaya for guidance on my journey.

Sharon Scarborough,  www.divinetasteinc.com  I would be happy to discuss any questions you may have regarding Solaya and her wonderful services that she offers that has been a tremendous help to me in my life! Please by all means feel free to contact me at 347.787.0433. Namaste





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